Color Studies of the Zymoglyphic Region - The Exhibit

Color Studies of the Zymoglyphic Region is a series of monoprints by Coleman Stevenson inspired by the exhibits of the Zymoglyphic Museum.

They are available in book form here

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Exhbit A
School of Ephemeral Abstraction
Exhibit B
Primordial Ooze
Exhibit C
Age of Rust
Exhibit D1
Age of Wonder:
Alchemical Apparatus
Exhibit D2
Age of Wonder:
Wandering Burial Urn
Exhibit E
Era of Eastern Influence
Exhibit F1
Modern Age: Museum
Exhibit F2
Modern Age: Dreamhouse
Book of the Solidity of Beginnings
Book of Natural Progressions to the Perfect Now
Book of the Inevitability of Ghosts