Affiliated and Sympathetic Institutions


Of Sea and Shore

Bailey Art Museum

The Marcus Kelli Collection

Personal Museums

Bailey Art Museum, Crockett, California

Features the work of Clayton Bailey, whose Wonders of the World Museum and its Kaolithic curiosities were an early inspiration for the Zymoglyphic Museum. More here

The Lincoln Street Kayak & Canoe Museum, Portland, Oregon

Harvey Golden studies canoes, kayaks, and other indigenous watercraft in the world's museums, then builds meticulous, seaworthy reproductions for display in his own museum

The Marcus Kelli Collection, Portland, Oregon

Artist Danielle Schlunegger's ongoing project is dedicated to the conservation and display of the collections and fieldwork of an underrated amateur naturalist. Photos here

MusZ¿e PatamZ¿canique, Bristol, Rhode Island

"an intimate and mysterious museological experience that combines augmented reality, automaton theater, immersive installation and performance art."

The Museum of Jurassic Technology, Culver City, California

David Wilson's spectacular "specialized repository of relics and artifacts from the Lower Jurassic" is recognized as "the grandparent of modern fictocryptic establishments." More info here

Of Sea and Shore, Port Gamble, Washington

Tom Rice's huge personal collection of shells and marine animals, displayed on the upper floor of a quaint town's general store. Photos here

The World's Largest Collection of the World's Smallest Versions of the World's Largest Things Traveling Roadside Attraction and Museum, Lucas, Kansas

Erika Nelson's fascination with the roadside attraction theme of "The World's Largest" inspired her to create tiny models of them and display them in a mobile museum with the world's longest name

Virtual Museums

Merrilynn Cryptid Museum

"the life's work of Crypto-naturalist, Fringe Zoologist and Xeno-Archeologist Thomas Merrylin"

The Museum of Dust

"Providing sanctuary for the misplaced, the forgotten and the misbegotten since 2006." Acquired the Zymoglyphic Museum for its Wunderkammer collection

The Museum of Lost Wonder

Jeff Hoke's museum in book form, dedicated to rediscovering the "muse" in "museum" through the stages of alchemical transformation

The Museum of Middle School

"a collection of ephemera, some authentic, some fabricated, to dedicate and honor what we, meaning humanity as a whole, became at middle school."

Esoteric Societies and Institutions

Atlas Obscura, Brooklyn, New York

"A compendium of the world's wonders, curiosities, and esoterica", of which the museum is one. Atlas Obscura has sponsored annual "Obscura Days" with the museum serving as one of the destinations.

The Elsewhere Philatelic Society, San Francisco, California

A shadowy organization of stamp-makers and stamp-seekers. The museum has been one of its stamp-seeker destinations. Eyewitness acount on this page

Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists

Creative uses for mortal remains. The museum's mascot, Jenny Haniver, was created by member Sarina Brewer

Odd Salon, San Francisco, California

Annetta Black curates a twice-monthly series of talks on a wide range of topics of interest to museum patrons

The Order of the Good Death, Los Angeles, California

Caitlin Doughty's creative ideas on what to do with your own mortal remains

Prelinger Library, San Francisco, California

A personal research library in San Francisco, open to the public for the benefit of artists, independent scholars, and interested browsers.

The Residents, San Anselmo, California

Long-running anonymous experimental art and music project. The curator lived some of his formative years in their old haunts on Sycamore St. in the heart of San Francisco's Mission district. Homer Flynn, spokesman for the group, visited the museum in San Mateo in 2014.