Residency Program


Over the years, the museum has inspired a number of independent projects in various media, including a mini-mockumentary, a poem cycle, color studies, a kid's guide, and an artist's book.

In the summer of 2021, that creative energy was channeled into a formal residency program. Five artists each created works using materials from the museum's archive of animal parts, gnarled sticks, fungus, and other materials. The results may be seen here. The work was presented at the 1122 Outside Gallery in Portland, OR in September of that year under the title "Museum as Muse".

The following year, five artists created installations for Museum as Muse II at the 1122 gallery. These projects were primarily done offsite, using or inspired by the museum's holdings.

In 2023, Museum as Muse III was held indoors at Experiment PDX. Experiment is a newish event venue with an emphasis on the connections between art and science, and more generally, encouraging curiosity and community. The exhibits this year reflect the museum's explorations into biologically and chemically based art.

Plans for 2024 are in the development stage. You can send an email to and ask to be put on the mailing list for updates or just watch this space!.

We will be looking especially for projects that do any of the following: