Residency Program


The museum's residency program provides an opportunity for creative people to work on projects inspired by the museum, including access to the its carefully curated archive of gnarled sticks, fungus, bones, rusty remains, and other delightful detritus.

A residency has no specific time frame and actual work may be done onsite, offsite, or some combination of the two. The museum's workspace is very limited, so projects that are primarily offsite are encouraged. The application process is informal; proposals may be made in person or via email.

There are no application fees or stipends. All art produced belongs to the artist, but the museum requests right of first refusal if works are offered for sale.

Simply contact the museum at and describe your idea(s). Come visit the museum if you have not been, or revisit if you have. You may also request to be added to the residency mailing list (and/or the museum's general mailing list) for updates.

You may also want to check out the Museum as Muse page which lists projects that the museum has inspired over the years.


This year's residents will showing their work at the 1122 Gallery in SE Portland this summer. The opening is August 19 from 6 to 9 PM. Open day(s) and closing event to be announced! This year's artists are all based in Portland.

This group of artists has been working mostly offsite, each on a single project in a nontraditional medium, each playing off the museum's themes and artifacts.

Sam David - Moments in Time

Moments in Time is an immersive installation looking at the preservation of memory of the various ages of the Zymoglyphic region

Sam is a multi-media artist inspired by found objects and discards

Eileen McGarvey - Spirits Under Glass

Spirits Under Glass is an examination in a variety of media inspired by objects in the museum's curiosity cabinet. The display includes a fabric collage, photography, dolls, paired with some the original artifacts that inspired them.

Eileen is an artist working with fabric, dolls and spontaneous drawing. She uses art as an emotional healing modality. Her drawings were included in the second volume of the Zymoglyphic Anthology

Nicole Quarles

Nicole's piece is an interactive installation based on sand tray therapy. Viewers are invited to create their own compositions and narratives from the available figurines, found objects, and archetypal clay sculptures

Nicole is an artist who works in drawing, painting, animation, and sculpture. She creates narratives that are both whimsical and sinister using a visual vocabulary derived from personal experience, magical realism, and archetypal symbolism.

Pamela Hadley

For this project, Pamela has created a digital projection-mapped animation that plays with the contours and textures of a single, relatively inconspicuous sculptural object selected from the museum's exhibit area.

Pamela is a is a light- and time-based artist whose abstract animations tease out relationships between the material properties of software, light, objects, place, and personhood.

Terra Fenderson - Fashion in a Post-Occlusion Society

Fashion for the dimensionally displaced! When the Rust Age meets the Modern Age as a result of the warping of the space-time continuum in the Zymoglyphic region, the resulting Occlusion, some of its inhabitants cross between their dimension and ours.

Terra is maker in many media


The residency program began in the spring of 2021. Five artists worked primarily onsite, using the materials in the museum's archive. The results were displayed at a show in September at the 1122 Gallery, and can be seen here