Residency Program


The museum's residency program provides an opportunity for creative people to work on projects inspired by the museum, including access to the its carefully curated archive of gnarled sticks, fungus, bones, rusty remains, and other delightful detritus. The program encourages artists working in other media besides found object assemblage, including animation, photography, and writing.

For more information, contact the museum at You may also request updates by being added to the residency mailing list.

Summer 2021

The residency brought together five artists, all local to the Portland area, some already known to the museum, some simply entranced from having visited at some point. The results were showcased in September at the 1122 Gallery on the east slope of Mt. Tabor. For an excellent review of the show, see here.

Erinn Kathryn - Healers

Erinn is a multi-media artist whose many accomplishments in painting, sculpture, and installation art are too numerous to list here and should be seen at her website. During her June residency at the museum, she rummaged through the museum's archive and created nine healing figures whose spirit resonates with the Rust Age.

You can see the results here

Chandra Glaeseman - An Excavation

Chandra is an sculptor, assemblage artist, and art educator who works with discarded and reclaimed materials. She is currently executive director of the Elizabeth Jones Art Center. Her residency project was an archaeological dig into and past the Rust Age, investigating and interpreting its relationship to myth.

Chandra's website

Alice Langlois - Unknown Bestiary

Alice is a 3D artist and filmmaker working with natural objects and ecological themes, highlighting a reverence for nature, especially its less glamorous aspects. She created a stop-motion film from items in the museum's archive.

Alice's website
View the film here

Sam David

Sam is a multi-media artist using and inspired by found objects and discards. They are working on a diorama based on the museum's Age of Wonder exhibit. The diorama will become part of a larger immersive sculpture. Sam's Instagram account is here.

Alex G. - A Fairy Forest

Alex is an emerging artist, fifth grade student, and author of The Positively Unknown: A Kid's Guide to the Zymoglyphic Museum (Zymoglyphic Museum Press, 2019). She created a psychedelic garden home for a fairy doll.