Residency Program


The museum's residency program is an opportunity for artists to create works that resonate with the museum's themes, exhibits, and collections.

The residency is open to all creative persons, whether or not they are established in the art world. Personal enthusiasm for creativity is valued more than professional accomplishment.
All projects should connect to the museum in some visually apparent way. Artists working in natural object assemblage will have access to the museum’s carefully curated archive of gnarled sticks, fungus, bones, rusty remains, and other delightful detritus for use in their projects.
Works in non-traditional media are encouraged. Established artists may want to create more personal works that are not their usual practice.

Gallery show
Work produced will be presented at an annual gallery show September of 2023. The 1122 Gallery is an informal backyard gallery in southeast Portland which is suitable for site-specific installations or traditional gallery hanging. There are a number of outbuildings that can be used - a former chicken coop, a shed, and a carport have all been used to display projects.

To apply, send an email to with answers to the following questions:

Are you currently living in Portland?

What medium would you be working in?

Have you been to the museum?
If so, what part of it resonated most with you?
If not, what part of the website have you found most relevant to your interests?

How do you see your work as relating to the museum?

List any relevant web site(s), social media, or other online presence.

You may also request to be added to the residency mailing list (and/or the museum's general mailing list) for updates on the program.

- There are no application fees or stipends.
- All art produced belongs to the artist
- There is no expectation that work be for sale at the gallery show
- The museum requests right of first refusal if works are offered for sale.
- There is no fixed schedule for project duration other than having work completed in time for the gallery show installation.
- Projects may be done on site or off, or a combination of the two.
- Multiple people may work on a single project

Further information
See here (2021) and here (2022) to see what previous residents have created.
You may also want to consider projects related to the Experimental Museum.

There is no fixed schedule for project duration. Projects may be done onsite or off. There is a limited amount of space in the museum's work area that can be reserved for projects using the museum's archive.