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San Jose Mercury News article
May 3, 2002

"The delights provided us by the Zymoglyphic Museum's myriad selections, and even by the relatively elaborate annotations and codifications with which the Museum provides its holdings, are themselves self-evident. The poetry of form, lyricism of association, and economy of function that define every concatenation, that pervade every diorama, rivet us to these apparitions, cementing our fascination and our affection."

From The Art World Beneath Our Feet: The Zymoglyphic Museum and its Mission by Peter Frank.

The Museum as Photogenic Muse
It is made of some deep thoughts, some random junk and some accumulated stuff...It is a place to meditate on life and death
A gallery of photographs of the museum by artist-in-residence Judith Hoffman, using a variety of photographic techniques
Photographs by Museum Visitors
A gallery of photographs taken by visitors during various open days at the museum
A Journey Through the Museum
What is it? A self-museum, a cabinet of curiosities, no, make that fishtanks of curiosities, with lots of little eyes secretly staring at you, and organic matter arranged into beings with feel your head getting sucked into the middle of the earth.
A photo essay by Laura Mappin
Eyewitness accounts
a dusty, strange world of Frankenstein'd creatures and ephemeral art...a beautiful mish-mash of railroad figurines, dried bugs, fake eyeballs and dryer lint...for someone who has a museum of fake animals in his toolshed, [the curator] is astonishingly sane and fun to talk to. -- Amy Brown
where alchemists, goddesses, and steampunk priestesses collide... -- Kirsten Weiss, San Mateo resident and author of the forthcoming The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum
Connecting the world with dead things and junk...Delicate bits of decay...lovingly arranged to create unknown worlds -- Jeanie M.
weird little a beat-up wooden shed in some dude's driveway -- Schmoo on Obscura Day 2011 [ed. note: The shed is not nearly as beat-up as museum management might prefer]
It's this middle-aged weird dad guy in the suburbs...but it's still very cool -- Obscura Day 2012
Artists and writers inspired by the museum and its collections

Heng Hua Wang

Conni Rizzuto

Pierre Uszynski

Pierre Uszynski
Members of Sketchcrawl Silicon Valley came by in March of 2012.
You'll discover there are no secrets
in his Cabinet of Curiosity
His Zymoglyphic Museum
Where Evolution is Creation
Creation is Evolution
The result is always Poetry
Take a walk around the neighborhood
and try not to wake up
Or you'll miss the wonderful beauty
of the place
The university of dreams, your continuing 
education of this earthly cosmos
You arrive a guest and you leave
a member of the family
Whether you admit it or not.
Cabinet of Curiosity
by Robert Perry

Poems on the Spot
Book Arts Jam
October 16, 2011
We have labelled incorrectly these dead beings
at the Zymoglyphic Museum,
under your skin a panorama of living creatures
the soil under your painted toes
is fossicked
these strange currents that run within you
culminate in the fogginess of your gaze
we both know the controversy surrounding
mermaid collecting
we both know of leather-winged folk
who left city lights
to swim again through other jungles
such spectacles at night
moving in a breathless flight.
from "Seven steps to a Tableau Vivant"
by Misbah Khokhar
Alchemy-based collages by Lloyd Thomas, part one and part two.
Eclectic art from "she who sits in weeds" (Katherine Clemens)
The original inspiration for much of my work came from stumbling across the 'zymoglyphic museum'
"Decay", a digital painting by Natalie Askew
"Flotsam", art based on sea-worn rocks by Dan Payne
TaleJam #2 - Mysterious Object
The museum's "Rainbow Jewel from Another Planet" provides inspiration for a story writing project
Honors and awards
Official KFJC Cool, Secret Place
Presented on-air May 5, 2012 on The Norman Bates Memorial Soundtrack Show by Robert Emmett, host
Wacky website of the day
Sept. 20 on the Wacky Web Sites Page-A-Day Calendar 2007
Selected quotes from virtual visits
Great art
[T]he Zymoglyphic Museum is one of the 20th century's great art works (alongside of Museum of Jurassic Technologies) -- just shamefully unrecognised. -- Incognita Nom de Plume
World's finest
The Zymoglyphic Museum - The world's finest collection of artistic detritus -- Urban Cryptids
A new generation
I wanna be a Zymoglyphic Art Museum Curator when I grow up. -- Magnafeek
occupies a place somewhere along the line between Cornell and The Brothers Quay. -- A novelty choking hazard
Is this thing real?
Controversy about a hallucinogenic mushroom specimen in the museum's natural history collection
Spare oddities
[The dioramas] are kind of like an obscure and evil I-Spy book, with lots of hidden actions and creatures. Also, this website is absolutely crazy -- Curious
My favorite aquarium
If I had the nose to live in the dust, the General would not be me who would then complain about the ecology and everything possible to speculate and involuntary, so this is my favorite aquarium. Only one club tent in the middle, no glattgeschliff'nes glass, brown algae covers in just outside. And then it would dawn and gush to the ceiling. -- Wonnegrausen [Google translation from German]
The torch of entropy
La fiaccola dell'entropia! La fiaccola dell'entropia! -- L'Ascella Ebbra [The Drunken Armpit]
Chuffed pink
today I discovered I'm a zymoglyphile...I'm chuffed pink to have found the proper name for my condition -- poetmcgonagall
Buy it?!
Someday I'd like to have my own little museum. There's this one called the Zymoglyphic Museum that I'd love to visit, but it's way out in California and only open a few days a year. It's pretty neat and when I win the lottery I'll go every year, or possibly just buy it and move it to my private island. -- Dating profile, 31F, Marion, Ill.
The Museum of Dust

The Museum of Dust is a shadowy, incorporeal, antitpodean meta-institution that attempted to acquire the Zymoglyphic Museum for its Wunderkammer collection in 2006. It has since returned to its original mission of "gathering dust."

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