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The Zymoglyphic Museum: A Guide to the Exhibits (2020)

The museum in book form! Third edtion, lavishly illustrated in full color, 8.5x11 inches, 200+ pages! Standard paperback or deluxe hardcover edition!

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Views of the Zymoglyphic Region (2011)

Scenes of daily life in the cities, mountain villages, woods, and jungles of the region as seen during the Age of Wonder, rendered using collages from old engravings

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Individual prints, framed or unframed, from the book are available here

Sketches of the Zymoglyphic Region (2010)

Curator’s vision of the Zymoglyphic region channeled through the medium of spontaneous drawing!

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Books by Jason Squamata

Jason is the museum's official Scribe. He is also the author of Hypnozine: The Birth of Hypno (Deep Overstock, 2020)

Hotel Zymoglyphic (2019)

Illustrated surrealist poem cycle inspired by a visit to the Zymoglyphic region by the Orakuloid himself, Jason Squamata.

For aeons, league after league of bold explorers and reckless lunatics have abandoned the fallen world of matter in search of immaterial territories and unknown pleasures, always promising to return to us with their treasures. But they never come back. All they leave behind is baffling forensic evidence, like this shapeshifting poetical transmission from a lost beyond...
Contains coded incantations for the summoning of densely tentacled dream lovers and the sublimation of one’s own skin into fictoplasmic dreaming.
-- The author

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Oneiric Memoir: The Dream Diaries of Jason Squamata (2020)

Freud famously termed dreams the royal road to the unconscious. Jason transmutes the raw narrative of his nightly excursions into literary gems, seamlessly blending prose and poetry.

Oneiropathic Dysmorphia. It happens every day. Consult this case history, dense with signs, warnings, and recipes...A book to help you touch base with Inner Space and find the fire these times require. Up close and personal, through the prism of my dreaming. Funny. Sad. Sleazy. Astonishing. And all points in between. -- The author

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The Anthologies

The Zymoglyphic Anthology (2019)

An assemblage of documents from and about the museum
Booklets published by the museum over the years
Historic documents from the archive
Essays about the museum
Fiction, poetry, and visual art relating to the museum and the region
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The Zymoglyphic Anthology, Volume II (2021)

A two-parter with the history of the museum on the one hand and contributions from its community on the other.
From the museum
The Curator's Tale, part 2
Interview with the Curator
How the Cybernetic Aquarium came to be
From the community
Selections from the works of local artists and writers, highlighting sources of creative inspiration. Includes works delving into the creative possibilities of alchemy, taxidermy, dust, and intuitive drawing.
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Available individually in print at the museum, or as free PDF download. All are included in The Zymoglyphic Anthology.
The Zymoglyphic Way: A Manifesto (2012)

A rousing single-sheet zinelet to inspire disciples of The Way

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Creating and Curating Your Own Personal Museum (2013)

A handy booklet for those who are plagued with accumulated detritus and in need of guidance toward creating a meaningful arrangement

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The Positively Unknown: A Kid's Guide to the Zymoglyphic Museum (2019)

A seven-year-old's perspective on the museum, an interactive guide for kids of all ages.

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Literary Guest Book (2012)

Two-sheet zine
"The Zymoglyphic Museum has existed, at least in spirit, for centuries. It has been fortunate to have been visited by several important literary figures, although they have come away with very different impressions."

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Tour the Museum with Joyce and Re-joyce!

Possibly the most obscure and solipsistic story ever written. It assumes the reader's familiarity with both the most obscure and solipsistic novel ever written (James Joyce's Finnegans Wake) and the author's own alter ego, the Zymoglyphic Museum. Fortunately, the author has graciously provided a set of explanatory footnotes! (2012)

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