Laboratory Art


Laboratory Art is a new direction for the museum as of 2022. It is inspired by the alchemist, the amateur naturalist, the mad scientist, the rogue scholar, and the surrealist. Its mission is to unlock the secrets of the primordial ooze through transformations using chemical, biological, symbolic, creative, and aesthetic principles and processes.

Areas of interest include:
Emergent behavior
Slime mold habitat
Mold, mycelium, and other fungal-based art
Bioactive (self-sustaining) terraria and aquaria

Please contact the museum (via if you have any interest or expertise in any of these areas! You may wish to work on one of these (or similar) projects as part of the museum's residency program

The Cybernetic Aquarium
Mathematical Art
This longstanding exhibit from the Zymoglyphic Museum's Modern Age creates organic forms from algorithms and mathematical principles. For details, see here
Silicate Garden
Chemical Art
In the Silicate Garden, a chemical reaction creates colorful growths with a remarkably organic appearance (hence the "garden" name). The process is similar to crystallization, but in contrast to ultra-orderly crystals, this is a self-organizing non-equilibrium process that creates complex structures.

Explanatory leaflet (PDF).
Closeup photos
Mud Panel
Biological Art
A bacterial terrarium based on a Winogradsky column that resembles a slowly evolving abstract painting. Microenvironments within the mud support a variety of pigment-producing bacteria.