Museum Events


Museum Press Rollout Events

2nd Annual Maker's Holiday Pop-Up
1122 Gallery, Dec. 15, 2019 2-6 PM
Hellraiser Homemaker Pop-Up
AFRU Gallery, Nov. 30, 2019
Rose City Art-Song Project
Valentine's, Nov. 8, 2019
Two cantos from Hotel Zymoglyphic set to music by Christopher Corbell (Cult of Orpheus)
Airstream Poetry Festival
Sou’wester Historic Lodge and Vintage Travel Trailer Resort, Seaview, WA, Oct. 25, 2019 (sponsored by Mother Foucault's Bookshop)
Jason Squamata reads from his "Indestructible Object" in The Zymoglyphic Anthology

At the Museum

photo: Judith Hoffman
Zymoglyphic Museum and Mushroom Tasting March 3, 2018
"An exploration of artifacts and art from the Zymoglyphic region, paired with a five-course mushroom sampler." The dishes were themed around the historical eras of the Zymoglyphic region.
Sponsored by Atlas Obscura
Photos of the event by staff photographer
Food photos by diners here and here
Under the Hawthorne Bridge (2015-2016)
First Friday events with the Bathtub Art Museum and 3 gallery shows at the museum's first Portland location
San Mateo (2000-2014)
Annual open days, Obscura Days, and visits from esoteric societies

On the Road

Curious Gallery 2016/photo: Dillon Pilorget/Oregonian

The museum's roadshow unit has a booth with sample exhibits, as well as books and prints for sale.

Curious Gallery 2017
Portland's annual celebration of all things wunderkammer, with esoteric presentations, purveyors of curiosities, and an art show! This year featured Corviid's monumental WunderKreature and a preview of the work-in-progress Portland Insectarium!

Curious Gallery 2016
The curator was quoted in the Oregonian's coverage of the event. The diorama appears briefly in KOIN-TV's coverage

It's a good thing [the curator] was on the other side of the table, because this got me so excited that I probably would have humped his leg with glee otherwise. -- attendee Elizabeth Metz

Curious Gallery 2015
The curator made a presentation about the museum and was part of a panel discussion on "Morbid Curiosities"

Maker Faire - May 18-19, 2013
San Mateo County Fairgrounds, San Mateo, CA
"The greatest show and tell on earth", this event showcases the modern do-it-yourself movement.
The museum presented a roadshow with emphasis on "Creating and curating your own museum".
Space was shared with Laura Mappin's Belly Button Museum

Book Arts Jam - October, 2010-2013
Foothill College, 2010/2011; Lucie Stern Center, Palo Alto, 2012/2013
This annual event is organized by the Bay Area Book Artists.
The museum presented prints and books from the Zymoglyphic Museum Press as well as a sample of exhibits.
Blog entries: 2011 - 2012

In Art Shows

Items from the museum's collections have been included in a modest number of gallery shows

"Zodiac" - June/July, 2019
Two collages shown in which the night sky consists of actual constellations instead of mere stars
"Byte Me 7.0" (March 2018) and "Byte Me 8.0" (March 2019)
AFRU Gallery
Annual show of art and technology, where the Cybernetic Aquaria versions 1 and 2, respectively, made their debut
Video of show
"Mail/Art/Book" - February through April, 2014
San Francisco Center for the Book
Mail art show including a Zymoglyphic Museum postcard
"The Mushroom and Hot Dog Basement Show" - May 17-June 28, 2012
Art show at Musee 16 in Los Angeles
Included a collage and a drawing from the museum's collections that had mushroom-like elements
"Obsessions: Selected Personal Collections" - Sept. 27-Dec 4, 2008
An exhibit at the Peninsula Museum of Art about local collectors and collections. It featured the museum's Xenophora collection as a collection of collectors.
"Curiosity Cabinet of the Collective Unconscious" - 2005
A repurposed library card catalog was refitted with miniature scenes in the drawers in place of the cards.
The museum contributed a "crustacean mini-diorama" The card catalog was on display at the Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, in August of 2005 and as part of the Funhouse at Burning Man 2005
"Boxes" - 1991
California Crafts Museum, San Francisco
Exhibit included an early diorama, "Bug Wars", and a Rust Age artifact