Upcoming Events

2017 Open Days
Tour the museum at its new location in Portland's Mt. Tabor neighborhood! The museum will be open to the public every other Sunday from 11 AM to 4 PM. The next open days are:
March 26
April 9
April 23

6225 SE Alder St, Portland, OR
If you are passing through Portland, entertaining out-of-town guests, or are otherwise unable to visit during the open hours, you can make an appointment to visit the museum! Contact the curator at
(no appointment needed during open hours)

Past Events

At the Museum on Mount Tabor

2017 Open Days
January 15 - 22 - 29
February 12 - 26
March 12
Petit Opening of the new museum location - Sunday, December 11, 2016

On the Road

Curious Gallery 2016/photo: Dillon Pilorget/Oregonian

The museum's roadshow unit has a booth with sample exhibits, as well as books and prints for sale.

Curious Gallery 2017
Portland's annual celebration of all things wunderkammer, with esoteric presentations, purveyors of curiosities, and an art show! This year featured Corviid's monumental WunderKreature and a preview of the work-in-progress Portland Insectarium!

Curious Gallery 2016
The curator was quoted in the Oregonian's coverage of the event. The diorama appears briefly in KOIN-TV's coverage

It's a good thing [the curator] was on the other side of the table, because this got me so excited that I probably would have humped his leg with glee otherwise. -- attendee Elizabeth Metz

Curious Gallery 2015
The curator made a presentation about the museum and was part of a panel discussion on "Morbid Curiosities"

Maker Faire - May 18-19, 2013
San Mateo County Fairgrounds, San Mateo, CA
"The greatest show and tell on earth", this event showcases the modern do-it-yourself movement.
The museum presented a roadshow with emphasis on "Creating and curating your own museum".
Space was shared with Laura Mappin's Belly Button Museum

Book Arts Jam - October, 2010-2013
Foothill College, 2010/2011; Lucie Stern Center, Palo Alto, 2012/2013
This annual event is organized by the Bay Area Book Artists.
The museum presented prints and books from the Zymoglyphic Museum Press as well as a sample of exhibits.
Photos: 2010 - 2011 - 2012

Under the Hawthorne Bridge

In late 2015 and into 2016, the museum had a temporary location in Portland, OR, under the Hawthorne Bridge. There was a short-lived gallery associated with the museum which hosted three shows:

On My Walks: Photographs by Jessica Beer
The Insect Show!
Pulverem Reverteris: Amanda Quiroz

For details, see here.

In San Mateo

The larval form of the museum was located in an 8x12 shed in San Mateo, California from 2000 to 2014. It was open to the public during the annual Silicon Valley Open Studios, Obscura Day, and other special events. For details, see here.

In Art Shows

Items fom the museum's collections have been included in a modest number of gallery shows

"Mail/Art/Book" - February through April, 2014
San Francisco Center for the Book
Mail art show including a Zymoglyphic Museum postcard
"The Mushroom and Hot Dog Basement Show" - May 17-June 28, 2012
Art show at Musee 16 in Los Angeles
Included a collage and a drawing from the museum's collections that had mushroom-like elements
"Obsessions: Selected Personal Collections" - Sept. 27-Dec 4, 2008
An exhibit at the Peninsula Museum of Art about local collectors and collections. It featured the museum's Xenophora collection as a collection of collectors.
"Curiosity Cabinet of the Collective Unconscious" - 2005
A repurposed library card catalog was refitted with miniature scenes in the drawers in place of the cards.
The museum contributed a "crustacean mini-diorama" The card catalog was on display at the Hive Gallery in August of 2005 and as part of the Funhouse at Burning Man 2005