Curator's Corner

Artist's Statement
More like a statement about artist's statements
"...nascent dialectic between naive eccentricity and self-referential parody in the creation of an institutional persona..."
Curator's Resume
Also a bit tongue-in-cheek
"Objective: Integrate diverse elements from a wide variety of media into a conceptually unified syncretic framework..."
The Zymoglyphic Way
Philosophical foundations; or, the grand view
Inspired by Steven Millhauser
Creator's Manifesto
A guide to becoming a true disciple of the Zymoglyphic Way
Inspired by Walt Whitman
Tour the Museum with Joyce and Re-joyce!
"Well, come to The Zyglomorphic Amusing Rheum! Lots of fun with Finnegans Wake!"
Inspired by the master wordmunger himself
The Imaginary Guestbook
A literary pastiche, hosting writers from Shakespeare to Pynchon
"It seems to be some very extensive museum, a place of many levels, and new wings that generate like living tissue-though if it all does grow toward some end shape, those who are here inside can't see it."