Curator's Corner


A septet of short pieces in which the curator views the museum and its mission through a variety of literary lenses.

The Zymoglyphic Way
Philosophical foundations; or, the grand view
"We submit our collections, our simple creations, and our artifacts, as offerings to our great Museum in the hope that the Museum will find proper places for them in the grand cosmography of its august halls, its exhibits, and its research facilities." more...
Inspired by Steven Millhauser's "The Barnum Museum"
Creator's Manifesto
A guide to becoming a true disciple of the Zymoglyphic Way
"We abjure polish and shine and will merely tolerate meticulous craftsmanship; we value dust on our objects and take spiderwebs as compliments" more...
Inspired by Walt Whitman
Sky Views
"Before the Modern Age, the sky in the Zymoglyphic region looked very different." more...
Inspired by Italo Calvino's "Cosmicomics"
Artist's Statement
Doubles as a statement about artist's statements
"...nascent dialectic between naive eccentricity and self-referential parody in the creation of an institutional persona..." more...
Inspired by actual artist's statements
Curator's Resume
Also a bit tongue-in-cheek
"Objective: Integrate diverse elements from a wide variety of media into a conceptually unified syncretic framework..." more...
Inspired by corporate marketing jargon
Tour the Museum with Joyce and Re-joyce!
Possibly the most obscure and solipsistic story ever written. It assumes the reader's familiarity with both the most obscure and solipsistic novel ever written (Joyce's Finnegans Wake) and the author's own alter ego, the Zymoglyphic Museum. Fortunately, the author has graciously provided a set of explanatory footnotes.
"Well, come to The Zyglomorphic Amusing Rheum! Lots of fun with Finnegans Wake!" more...
The Imaginary Guestbook
A literary pastiche, hosting writers from Shakespeare to Pynchon
"It seems to be some very extensive museum, a place of many levels, and new wings that generate like living tissue-though if it all does grow toward some end shape, those who are here inside can't see it." more...

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