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The Zymoglyphic Museum's primary mission is the preservation of the unique natural and cultural heritage of the Zymoglyphic region. In addition, the museum hosts a variety of special collections and online exhibits related to zymoglyphic themes of natural art, celebration of decay, and museums as curiosity cabinets.

Visiting the Museum

The museum is currently undergoing a reorganization and is closed to general tourism. There is no scheduled reopening date.

Some options:
- take a virtual tour on this web site
- peruse some our fine publications
- contact the museum curator if interested in collaborations, research, residency, or other substantive connection: zymoglyphic@gmail.com
- request to be put on the mailing list for updates at the above address
- check back later

What is it? A self-museum, a cabinet of curiosities, no, make that fishtanks of curiosities, with lots of little eyes secretly staring at you, and organic matter arranged into beings with souls.

Laura Mappin

The world's finest collection of artistic detritus

Today I discovered I'm a zymoglyphile...I'm chuffed pink to have found the proper name for my condition

Views of the Museum

Frequently asked questions
"What does 'zymoglyphic' mean?" and other mysteries explained
Residency Program
The museum's residency program provides artists access to the museum and its archive of materials for their own creative projects.
Museum as muse
Archive of works inspired by the museum and its collections, including Photographs by museum visitors
Events at the museum and on the road
Press, Reviews, & Interviews
Reactions to the museum from visitors both physical and virtual
Curator's corner
"How the museum came to be" and some semblance of an artist's statement and a resume

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