Museum as Muse


Books, films, and visual art inspired by the museum, its mission, and its exhibits.

Residency Program
Over the years, the museum has inspired a number of projects as seen on this page. In 2021 a residency program was established to encourage creative projects based on the museum's themes, including an annual gallery show. For more information on the program, see here!
Color Studies of the Zymoglyphic Region
Decaying stratifications of pigment and self-entwined poetic text reflect artist Coleman Stevenson's interpretation of the museum's exhibits.
Also available as a book (Dark Exact, 2020)

Monoprints and corresponding text depict the museum contents through abstract color studies and show the beautiful decay of all things over time, a main tenet of Zymoglyphic theory. -- the author

Details here
Hotel Zymoglyphic
Illustrated surrealist poem cycle inspired by a visit to the Zymoglyphic region by the Orakuloid himself, Jason Squamata. (Zymoglyphic Museum Press, 2019)

Contains coded incantations for the summoning of densely tentacled dream lovers and the sublimation of one's own skin into fictoplasmic dreaming. -- the author

Available in the museum shop and online. See details here
The Positively Unknown: A Kid's Guide to the Zymoglyphic Museum
Have you went to the Zymoglyphic museum? I have. and I'm planing on going 100 more times!

A seven-year-old's perspective on the museum, an interactive guide for kids of all ages. Alex G came to visit in November of 2018, took extensive photographs and was inspired to work on the guide on her break times from school. The resulting book was published in January of 2019.

You can download the PDF here, but it's best to use it as a guide while visiting the museum. It is also a coloring book!
Spirits Under Glass
Spirits Under Glass is a unique artist's book that contains pinhole photographs of Zymoglyphic Museum artifacts and dioramas. The camera, photographs, and book were created by the museum's artist-in-residence, Judith Hoffman.

She has captured these and other dreamlike images of the museum's exhibits using a variety of photographic techniques and has also been investigating what makes a found object "zymoglyphic." For details see here.
Two films
Bestiary Unknown is a stop-motion animation created by Alice Langlois using materials from the museum's archive. The film was made as part of the 2021 residency program at the Zymoglyphic Museum.
Zymoglyphic is an enigmatic mini-semi-mockumentary by Owen Delaney on the "the dying study of Zymoglyphology" featuring visiting professor Margaret Ellis. Filmed on-site in March of 2018, released in November of that year.
Courtyard art
Tintamarresque and entry sign by the creative team of Camille Carpenter and Taylor Perris (posing on the left)
Visitor photographs
Photography at the museum is encouraged and visitors over the years have come up with some marvelous perspectives on the exhibits. See the gallery here.