Museum as Muse


Creative projects inspired by the museum and its collections

Spirits Under Glass
Pinhole camera, photographs, and artist's book made by artist-in-residence Judifth Hoffman to capture dreamlike images in the museum's collections and dioramas
Zymoglyphic is a mini-semi-mockumentary by Owen Delaney on the "the dying study of Zymoglyphology" featuring visiting professor Margaret Ellis

See also a trailer for a proposed documentary about the museum by Nick Boxwell
Courtyard art
Tintamarresque and entry sign by the creative team of Camille Carpenter and Taylor Perris
Two poems
from "Seven steps to a Tableau Vivant"
by Misbah Khokhar
We have labelled incorrectly these dead beings
at the Zymoglyphic Museum,
under your skin a panorama of living creatures
the soil under your painted toes
is fossicked
these strange currents that run within you
culminate in the fogginess of your gaze
we both know the controversy surrounding
mermaid collecting
we both know of leather-winged folk
who left city lights
to swim again through other jungles
such spectacles at night
moving in a breathless flight.

Heng Hua Wang

Conni Rizzuto

Pierre Uszynski

Pierre Uszynski
Members of Sketchcrawl Silicon Valley came by in March of 2012.
Found prose poem from a blog post about the museum
If I had the nose to live in the dust, the General would not be me who would then complain about the ecology and everything possible to speculate and involuntary, so this is my favorite aquarium. Only one club tent in the middle, no glattgeschliff'nes glass, brown algae covers in just outside. And then it would dawn and gush to the ceiling. -- Wonnegrausen [Google translation from German]
Alchemy-based collages by Lloyd Thomas, part one and part two.
Eclectic art from "she who sits in weeds" (Katherine Clemens)
The original inspiration for much of my work came from stumbling across the 'zymoglyphic museum'
"Decay", a digital painting by Natalie Askew
"Flotsam", art based on sea-worn rocks by Dan Payne
TaleJam #2 - Mysterious Object
The museum's "Rainbow Jewel from Another Planet" provides inspiration for a story writing project
A pocket museum
A fish diorama