The museum's library is open to the public for browsing and reference on museum open days and by appointment. Its holdings are small (about 650 volumes) but carefully curated, focused mainly on art, natural history, science and other themes of the museum. Current categories:


Art History - with special emphasis on surrealism
Highlight: Auction catalogs from Andre Breton's estate
Artist Monographs - Artists who have inspired the museum, with major emphasis on the Surrealists
Highlight: Large format complete works of Hieronymus Bosch
Asian Nature Arts - Stone appreciation, tray landscapes, and arrangements
Architecture - From grottos, gargoyles, follies, and hill towns to mid-century modern
BioArt - Art created from living organisms
Design - Modernism and beyond
Fictive Art - Faux scholarship, micronations, and other institutional creativity
Highlights: Codex Seraphinianus, Voynich Manuscript (complete facsimile)
Folk Art Environments
Indigenous Art - including its influence on modern art
Marginal Art - Kitsch, tiki, art cars, driftwood sculpture, and similar genres
Highlight: Extensive collection of work by Rosamond Purcell

Science, museums, etc.

Alchemy - Esoteric imagery and DIY guides
Curiosity Cabinets - Historical information on the 17th century cabinets and the development of museums
Math & Science
Morbid Anatomy - Holdings inspired by the Morbid Anatomy Library
Museums - Monographs and documents from selected museums, as well as travel guides
Nature & Natural History - Field guides, coffee table books, and more
Systems/Complexity/Artificial Life


Art Express - complete run (1981-82)
Avant Garde - complete run (1968-71)
Coevolution Quarterly/Whole Earth Review - nearly complete run(1974-2002)
San Francisco Oracle
Raw Vision - complete run (1989-)


A catalog is available for download here (PDF). The catalog is somewhat out of date due to new acquisitions and occasional category rearrangements, but it will give you a sense of what's available.