Residency 2022:
Museum as Muse II


This year, five artists each created an installation for the Museum as Muse II show at the 1122 Outside Gallery. Most work was done offsite, but using or referencing items from the museum's holdings.

Sam David - Moments in Time

Moments in Time is an immersive installation looking at the preservation of memory of the various ages of the Zymoglyphic region. The model is based on a peculiar geologic formation found in the Zymoglyphic region, the mountain with a human face. The piece has been installed in the museum's forecourt, where it is expected to slowly decompose.

Sam is a multi-media artist inspired by found objects and discards

Eileen McGarvey - Spirits Under Glass

Spirits Under Glass is an examination in a variety of media inspired by objects in the museum's curiosity cabinet. The display includes a fabric collage, photography, dolls, paired with some the original artifacts that inspired them.

Eileen is an artist working with fabric, art dolls and spontaneous drawing. She uses art as an emotional healing modality. Her drawings were included in the second volume of the Zymoglyphic Anthology

Nicole Quarles - Krumpet's Peak, Amusement and Wellness Park

Krumpet's Peak is an interactive installation based on sand tray therapy. Viewers are invited to create their own compositions and narratives from the available figurines, found objects, and archetypal clay sculptures. Since beginning work as a therapist, Nicole's work has become more participatory and abstract, inviting viewers to play and make their own sense of things.

Nicole is an artist who works in drawing, painting, animation, and sculpture. She creates narratives that are both whimsical and sinister using a visual vocabulary derived from personal experience, magical realism, and archetypal symbolism.

Pamela Hadley - All the Losses We Could Never Name

For this project, Pamela has selected a single, relatively inconspicuous sculptural object from the museum's exhibit area for an intense high-tech aesthetic examination. She has created a digital projection-mapped animation that plays with the contours and textures of the object. It was displayed inside a chicken coop modified for this project. For comprehensive documentation, see here

Pamela is a light- and time-based artist whose abstract animations tease out relationships between the material properties of software, light, objects, place, and personhood.

Terra Fenderson - Fashion for a Post-Occlusion Society

Fashion for the dimensionally displaced! When the Rust Age meets the Modern Age as a result of the warping of the space-time continuum in the Zymoglyphic region, the resulting Occlusion causes some of its inhabitants cross between their dimension and ours.

Terra Fenderson is an unmoored Maker reflecting Discordia. Drawing from a multitude of inspirations and disciplines, she pushes the boundaries of what can be expected out of mundane objects, elevating the commonly overlooked into the realm of the extraordinary.