Cloud Sculptures


Natural cloud sculptures are the ethereal Modern Age counterpart to the viewing stones of the Era of Oriental Influence. Both are found objects that are converted to art objects by first selecting them, then putting them on a stand. Stones are true "sculptures" in that sense that they are solid objects sculpted by natural forces. Cloud sculptures are natural assemblages of string, hair, feathers, bits of leaves and other materials that are formed by the winds. They are found, picked up, "fluffed", and mounted with wire on bases.

Composition #1

Composition #2

Composition #3

Composition #4

Constructed cloud sculptures are inspired by the natural ones and are made from a variety of natural and synthetic materials, such as dyed wool. They are the specialty of the School of Ephemeral Abstraction, active in the Zymoglyphic region in the 21st century.

Cosmic Ruminance

Primordial Cloud


Composition #1

Composition #2 for strings and feathers

Composition #3 with strings and hair

Composition #4 with hair and debris

Cosmic ruminance (Dyed wool, debris)

Primordial cloud (dyed wool, dryer lint, assorted debris)

Vortex (dyed wool, detritus)