Photographers of the Marvelous


An online exhibition of photographers who give special insight into the wonders of nature or create new worlds

Alessandro Bavari

If Hieronymous Bosch had had a camera...
Il giardino di Jerome (Jerome's garden), 1998 Citta' di Gomorra (Gomorrah City), 2000 Il Varco (The gate), 2000

Karl Blossfeldt (1865-1932)

Plant forms as stately architecture
Equisetum hiemale Cucurbita Aristolochia clematitis
Online exhibit
Book: Karl Blossfeldt: 1865-1932 (Photo Book Series)
Curator's Web log entry

Don Hong-Oai (1929-2004)

Oriental landscapes come to life..
At Play, Tianzi Mountain, 1986 Solitary Wooden Boat, Hunan, 1991 Pine Peak, 1997
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Connie Imboden

Untitled (7146.31), 1997 Untitled (7857.8), 1998 Untitled (7790.13), 1998

Kim Keever

New York photographer who photographs landscapes made inside a 100-gallon aquarium
Turtle Skull Rock, 2000 Girl on a Road, 1999 In Dreams, 2000
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Dora Maar (1907-1997)

Surrealist photographer.

le pere Ubu, 1936 sans titre, 1935 29, rue d'Astorg, 1936
Biography: Picasso's Weeping Woman: The Life and Art of Dora Maar
An excellent reference on photography in the Surrealist movement: L'Amour fou: Photography and Surrealism

Lori Nix

Tabletop photographer with an amazing series of museum-like settings called "The City"
Natural History, 2005 Aquarium

Olivia Parker

Cinquefoil, 1975 Weighing the Planets, 1984 Heart and Flower, 2010

Rosamond Purcell

The premier photographic interpreter of museum specimens
Photos are from:
  1. Special Cases: Natural Anomalies and Historical Monsters
  2. Illuminations: A Bestiary
  3. Finders, Keepers: Eight Collectors
Hydrocephalic child whose head has opened like a flower Frog - Colosthethus bocagei Uncurated miscellani
Curator's Web log entry

Frederick Sommer (1905-1999)

Arizona Landscape, 1945 Found Painting, 1949 Virgin and Child with St. Anne and the Infant St.John, 1966
Monograph: The Art of Frederick Sommer : Photography, Drawing, Collage

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Photography of museum dioramas
Gorilla, 1976 Devonian Period, 1992 Earliest Human Relatives, 1992

Arthur Tress

Proctologist's Delight, 1976 from Teapot Opera, 1980 from Fish Tank Sonata, 2000
Books: Arthur Tress: Fantastic Voyage : Photographs 1956-2000     Teapot Opera    Fish Tank Sonata

Jerry Uelsmann

The Old Master of pre-Photoshop surrealist juxtaposition. The images below are from Museum Studies
Homage to Joseph Cornell, 1998 Untitled, 1992 Untitled("Yosemite"), 1990

Joel-Peter Witkin

Cupid and Centaur, 1992 Gods of Earth and Heaven, 1988 Waiting for de Chirico in the Artist's Section of Purgatory, 1994
Online exhibits here, here, and here. A good survey of his work: Witkin
Warning: Viewer discretion advised! A strange world of chimeras, freaks, cadavers, and loose body parts...

All photographs are copyright by the respective photographers and are displayed here solely for educational purposes