Souvenir Merchandise


New Spring Fashions!

Mermaid tank top fits any mood! Onesie for the chronologically challenged!

Apron goes well with any kind of cuisine! Also available in lighter colors.

Stonewashed cap with intriguing flying mouse design!

Tote Bag Useful in any dramatic situation!

Zymoglyphic Fashion Classics!

Messenger bag

Messenger bag

Junior raglan

Dark t-shirt

Mermaid clock

Junior hoodie, front

Junior hoodie, front

Junior hoodie, back

Cheeky Pete the Clown greets visitors to the museum and offers a tempting array of goods

Tank top and black cap

Large mug, black cap, and T-shirt

Tank top and beer stein

T-shirt and black cap

The T-shirt makes a comfy nightshirt for bedtime reading!

Mouse Pad

Trucker hat, mug, beer stein, large mug, and black cap. Or see all products
Model: Ileana

Onesie photo by Jody Stewart, model Jonah