A popular pastime in the early Modern Age was for citizens of all types to fan out across the countryside, find a good vantage point, set up easels, and sketch away, Since wonders abound in this area (as do hallucinogenic fungi), they did not have to go far to find suitable subject matter. The sketches are just that - quick, spontaneous strokes, capturing the essence of a scene, sometimes enhanced with color.

The full set of sketches is available in book form from the museum shop

Worlds within worlds

In one ear and out somewhere else

Dreaming perilously close to the edge

Happy to see you!


What's that?

Keeping an eye on a strange intrusion

Who knows what the nose grows?

To home and hearth

Encircled by bubbles and vines

Pushing ahead into the unknown

This jazzy, jangling Modern Age!

The king is rooted yet adrift

The evolutionary incubator

Not fazed a bit


Worlds within worlds again

Artist at work

Balancing act

A world of wonders

A sunny day