Views of the Zymoglyphic Region


These views show the natural history of the area and scenes of daily life in its villages, woods, and jungles. They range from the wet, humid, lowlands where Rust Age customs still hold sway, move through the mountainous uplands, and finally enter the buzzing capital city at its center, and detour to some of the more remote wonders of the region. Its people are engaged in creative, if often enigmatic, activities, in a landscape of strange and strangely familiar creatures, chimeras, and spirits.

These views are available in book form or as individual prints from the Museum Shop.

The animated version is here.

The Angel's Announcement

Cosmic Voyage

Philosopher's Viewpoint

The Alchemist's Vision
of the Moon

The Dreaming Spires

The Town Museum and
the Temple of the Muses

The Decayed Sector

The Alchemist's Vision
of the Sea

The Moonlight Adventure

The Town
by the Rock Spire

The River Adventure

The River Goddess

A Remnant of the Mud Age

The Capital City

Arcadian Revels

The Academy at the Beach

The Valley of the Stone Giants

The Pilgrimage

The Village in the Mountains

Inside the Town Museum