Oneiric Memoir

Oneiric Memoir: The Dream Diaries of Jason Squamata (2020)

Freud famously termed dreams the royal road to the unconscious. Jason transmutes the raw narrative of his nightly excursions into literary gems, seamlessly blending prose and poetry.

Oneiropathic Dysmorphia. It happens every day. Consult this case history, dense with signs, warnings, and recipes...A book to help you touch base with Inner Space and find the fire these times require. Up close and personal, through the prism of my dreaming. Funny. Sad. Sleazy. Astonishing. And all points in between. -- The author

"5 stars - Let Oneiric Memoir jump your queue. Bite-size and boundless, concise and baroque, sad and hilarious, arty and entertaining- and includes instruction for how to more richly experience/express one's own (dream) life. Full of wonders. This is my favorite book right now! Thank you, Mr. Squamata." -- Amazon customer KateF 

From the introduction:

Dreams have always been fundamental to my creative process and my experience of reality (such as it is), but I've been trepidatious about presenting these by-products of my Orakuloid practice as "entertainment".
The symbolic codes and gestures and presences that cohere in the dreaming space are so personal.
Miraculous mutations reported on with piercing precision and occasional infestations of trans-oneiric irony. And that desolate wind of longing that blows always between the many worlds.
Remember as you read and as your own life is read that it's from the depths that tomorrow comes. Look not to the skies for meaning or salvation but into the abyss of your own unbeing.
Marry the emblems and eidolons and eerie icons you smuggled back to the unfolding structures and oracular rhythms of your awakening intelligence.
Collect the spectral slivers of the mirror you break by looking too deeply. A list of throbbing details. Micromoments of virile, viral fictoplasm. The magick words that invoke this Orakulism in its purest state?
"In my dream..."

Jason is the museum's official Scribe. He is also the author of Hotal Zymoglyphic and Hypnozine: The Birth of Hypno (Deep Overstock, 2020). These dream fragments were originally posted at Orakuloid Ghost Radio. You can see much more of Jason's work there, including spoken word performance pieces!

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