The Cybernetic Aquarium


The Cybernetic Aquarium houses a small but remarkable collection of digitally-based organisms captured on the museum's recent expedition into cyberspace. These creatures are primarily composed of circles, line segments, color, and motion.

Social Circles

In this miniature cosmos, circles live and die. The social life they have in between is remarkably complex given the simplicity of their motivations.

Primordial Soup

Circles and line segments combine as elementary particles to create life-like animated molecules.

Colorful Amoebas

In these unicellular creatures, line segments form an invisible skeleton. As the skeletal limbs move, the circles morph into pseudopods. As they pass over and through each other, their colors add together.

The Floater and the Brancher

The floater and the brancher are a complementary pair of colonial organisms, one composed of circles, the other of lines.

A composite animalcule composed entirely of line segments, with which it mimics its circular brethren in an endless series of combinations. This species is closely related to the brancher.